Organic herbs from N. Greece

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Spicy hot Greek smoked chili flakes 40g


is the Greek word for herbs. It is pronounced vó-tan-na.



100% natural chili flakes, produced & smoked (slowly with oak wood) in Pella – N. Greece; from a native variety called “Karatzova pepper” with a multilevel taste and rich aroma.



Ideal for all grilled meat, BBQ, fish and salads.



Great Taste Award 2019 (UK) 2stars:

Table 1:

A good burnt umber coloured seasoning. The smoke on the nose is very inviting. As the flavour develops in our mouth the smoke, heat and a sweetness comes through well. A vibrant blend with a complex depth of flavour we very much enjoyed. The smoke has removed any raw bite the peppers might have had and leaves a tingling heat that levels well in your mouth leaving a long and warm finish. Clever product and well thought out.

Table 99G:

A beautiful smokey aroma, we feel this has all the character of chorizo – meaty and with rich deep aromas. The flavour is nicely roasted, sweet smoke and a lingering fuzzy heat which is very cleverly done. The heat grows, there’s a sweet almost caramelised edge and also a bitter note which balances the whole mix. Long, characterful and very complex.

Table 4:

Really oaky, woody and deliciously smokey. Just the right balance of hot.



Organic, Non-GMO, VEGAN



100% chili peppers, smoked and ground



none of the below allergens are present in the product nor are they used in the same facilities:
Eggs, milk; Peanuts, walnuts, pine nuts; Buckwheat, soybean, wheat; Mackerel, crab, shrimp, squid, shellfish (including oysters, abalone, mussels); Pork, chicken, beef; Peach, tomato; Sulfurous acid



additives, preservatives or flavour enhancers.



6 jars x 40g (all packaging material are recyclable)



384 boxes (2304jars)



5200 12319 0335

Energy 282kcal
Fat 13g
Of which saturates 2.1g
Carbohydrates 54g
Of which sugars 10g
Fibre 35g
Protein 14g
Salt 0.007g
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